This course is a fun introduction to the Tarot. It is designed to teach the basic Tarot, including the Major and Minor arcana, including various spreads.

As well as helping to develop the intuition, the course will cover the ethics and morals of using the cards. By the end of the course the student will be able to read the Tarot cards with confidence. There will be a chance to do a professional reading before the course ends and there will be homework set after each class.

Cost: £95.00
Duration: Ten weeks, one evening a week.

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This course is a follow on from the basic Tarot. The student must have completed the basic Tarot course before moving on to the advanced tarot.

The content of this course will include a more in-depth study of each card, including the exploration of the psyche and the psychological effects of positive and
negative energy in a reading.

Homework will be set after each class.

Cost: £95.00
Duration: Ten weeks, one evening a week.

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Why not hold a Tarot party in your home. This is a fun filled evening where you get a group of friends together to listen to an introduction on the Art of Tarot and to have a personal twenty minute reading. This is a
great way to experience the cards in a relaxed environment.

Cost: £20.00 per person
Minimum of six people
Maximum of ten people.
NB: The Hostess will be given a free full Tarot reading at the time/date of their choice.

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This is an in depth personal reading designed to help you fulfill your true potential and to harness the power
of who you really are. There is so much more to you than you may realise. This guidance will show you the path to living your soul’s purpose and help you to experience your bliss every day!

Cost: £40.00
You can also book a Tarot reading via the phone or skype.

Feng Shui

These are fun, informative workshops that are held in
the comfort of your own home. Get a group of friends together and learn how to Feng Shui your home!

You will learn the basic concept of the art of Placement and symbolism. Find out where your Wealth, Health, Relationship and Career areas are. How to use Feng Shui cures. Discover the impact of clearing clutter, and how to change the vibration of your home using Space Clearing to attract positive energy into your life!

Cost: £40.00 per person.
Minimum of six people
Starts at 10am;  Finishes at 4pm.

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Book a Feng Shui consultant to come to your home and watch the magic happen! This is a personal in depth consultation that will help you bring in fresh energy and change your life using Feng Shui. The consultant will help you to discover the power points within your home using a Bagua map.

This map will help you to find the different areas of your home that resonate with your wealth, health, career and relationships. Cures will be suggested using the art of placement of furniture, colour and

Your home will also have a psychic cleanse using the
ancient practice of Space Clearing. You will be left with
a home that will vibrate a positive energy to attract
fresh new beginnings!

Cost: £200 for average two/ three bedroomed house.
Price on request for larger properties.
Travel cost may be added depending on distance the Consultant has to travel.

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Train to be a Feng Shui consultant. Students will undergo a specialised training that is unique in the Feng shui/ Space clearing field of practice. Much emphasis is placed on personal development both in the spiritual and practical dimension. During the training, the students will learn the principals of Feng Shui, house reading, meditation, self-healing, the art of dowsing, manifestation techniques, smudging and the purification of people and buildings.

Each student will be expected to pass an in depth practical examination and on completion will receive a professional certificate that will enable them to practice as a Feng Shui/Space clearing consultant.

Cost: £850.00
Duration: Six months. One weekend a month and four
evenings. Sat/ Sun 10am- 4pm. Eves 7pm-9pm.

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Space Clearing Consultation


Space Clearing is a Ceremony that is used to clear your home of unwanted, negative energy. It’s a bit like giving your home a psychic wash. Think of what your home would look like if you never ever cleaned it or threw anything away? It would be horrendous and full of negative gunk! Well this is what a home feels like on an energy level if it has never been Space cleared.

If you are feeling stuck in your life or feel low in energy or the same problems keep re- occurring then your home could probably do with a psychic cleanse.

After a Space clearing your home will feel lighter and energised. You will feel more positive, up lifted and clearer in your intentions. Not only will your home feel different, all negative vibrations will have been dispersed.

A new template of healthy energy will have been created that will encourage you and who ever lives in your home to live in a peaceful, more meaningful environment.

Cost: £80.00 for average 2/3 bedroom house.
Price on request for larger properties.

Travel cost may be added depending on the distance the Consultant has to travel.



This course is held for one evening. It will cover various practices on meditation and mindfulness. Other subjects will include time management, relaxation techniques, awareness of personal boundaries, and the positive effects of meditation itself.

Cost: £20.00
Duration: 7pm-9pm
Please bring with you a pillow and a light blanket.

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