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Since I was a little girl I have always been able sense people’s energy and the energy of houses and buildings. My Mother would become exasperated with me when i would refuse to go into someone’s house because I didn’t like the feel of it. Or how being around a person would make me cry because I could feel the sadness inside them. I somehow always knew if a baby was coming into someone’s life even before they did.

As I got older these perceptions became stronger and I was able to tell people personal details about their lives that no one else knew! I could sense what was coming in for them for the future.  And i also knew what they had to do to make their lives better.

I didn’t really question all this as it was normal to me. However as I got older I learnt to hide my abilities as I didn’t want to be seen as odd in front of my friends. But, The Universe wasn’t having any of that and continued to send me messages and vibrations of other people, places and predictions.

Eventually, I gave in and started to give people readings. I was always blown away by the magic of it all. It felt like I was being divinely guided by unseen sources. I could go into people’s houses and instinctively knew if the energy was stale or they needed to realign their furniture! I had never heard of Feng Shui before. So one Christmas I was given a book on intuitive Feng Shui and it changed my life. For everything I read I had always known!  and had been practicing it unknowingly for years!

Over the last thirty years I have learnt a lot about myself and the people I have helped. The one thing that has really stuck out for me is that we are all searching for the same thing. We all want to feel loved and live lives that have meaning and value.

We are here for a reason and that reason is to be the best we can be and to shine our lights out into the world and make our journey on this planet a happy, loving meaningful one. We are all connected and there is no separation.

It is only through our fears and insecurities that we experience a life that is less than it should be, attracting bad luck and frustration. Unconsciously repeating patterns that keep us stuck in the same old energy.

Thankfully we live in a benign magical Universe where help is all around us if we can just become aware of it. We have an incredible power within us that can be used to change our lives and our planet for the better. It really is a wonderful world!  It really can be a Wonderful Life! You are Wonderful!!

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