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Are you stuck in your life? Lack motivation and energy? Depressed? Frustrated? Crave change but don’t know where to start? Fed up with starting things, and lack the will power to complete them? Then you will be surprised at just how many uplifting, simple tools you can use to break free and change your life!

Who would have thought that making a few changes to your home/environment can be so effective in changing  your life!

In learning how to shut out the noise and stresses of the outside world through a simple meditation could literally heal you from the inside out!

How the ancient art of the Tarot can guide you through challenging times and help you tap into your Self Power.

Debbie Orton has spent the last thirty years helping people discover the power they have within. All the answers to all your questions usually reside inside yourself.

She teaches us how to love ourselves, warts and all and discover our authentic selves through the magic of Feng shui, Tarot and Meditation.  As an intuitive healer Debbie can help you heal your life and raise your self esteem, enabling you to experience true happiness within yourself. There is only ‘One You’ there never has, and never will be another like you.

Debbie will help you on the path to discovering your own gifts and unique talents that the world is waiting for! Your life can be amazing!

Debbie appeared on the BBC’s “All the right moves” programme showing the positive impact Feng shui/ Space Clearing can have to create harmony and wellbeing in your environment. She has appeared in numerous public speaking events and has successfully helped people change their lives through her workshops, courses and private readings.

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Feng Shui

Whether you want an Introduction to Feng Shui, a Feng Shui Consultation for your own home, or learn to become a Feng Shui Practitioner we have an Event for you.

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Tarot Consultations available in person or via Phone/Skype, or why not get a group of friends together and host a Tarot party (free 1 hour Tarot reading for Host).

If the world of Tarot fascinates you why not come on our Tarot course and learn how to read the cards for yourself.

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Meditation & Mindfulness

An evening event that covers and introduction to the various practices of meditation and mindfulness.

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